Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am here.....don't worry

Hello, thanks for doing this for me...the distance between us kills me. I miss the hugs you gave me everyday there was a school day, and the smiles, and the laughs, and all the stupid stuff we made up together.

so today i woke up at 12:30pm and i ate a hand full of goldfish crackers and sat at the computer and played some games....then my bf got on and we chatted till about 5. i know, i spend too much time on the computer. So him and i over chatting, organized to meet at the local park. so i told my parents that i was going on a walk because they don't know the relationship between us. They do have a hunch though, since i do go on a lot of dates with him. Anyways, so i walked 10min. to the park and met him. there we spent time talking and other stuff untill 6:30pm...then i walked home ate a burrito and went back to the computer. I chatted with my bf some more and now i am talking to you, about my day, and how boring and wonderful it was......

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